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17-Jul-23 Mentor Mondays

WHAT TO EXPECT: If you are a UX practitioner at any level, get on Zoom. We'll be talking shop. Talking or listening, you are welcome. So, grab your favorite beverage and join us for this informal, no-agenda conversation. ABOUT THE MENTOR: Bob Hotard, UX Specialist Bob celebrates over 25 years in the digital space in multiple UX design and leadership roles for AT&T and USAA and owns 10,000 hours of experience in Interaction Design. Telecommuting since 2002, working with and managing geographically separated teams is his pre- and post-covid normal. As a Lead UX Designer for AT&T’s Design Standards team, Bob managed a Design System website serving UX designers, developers, and marketing/business partners. Since August of 2020, he has facilitated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion conversations at AT&T, guiding employees in conversation about racism and civil injustices against marginalized groups. Bob uses a background in multimedia production and sales management to sharpen management skills while volunteering for design related organizations including UXSA, TEDxSanAntonio and local UI/UX conferences. Bob enjoys DDPYoga, playing team sports, listening to Blues and Rock-n-Roll music, as well as spending time with family and a rescue poodle named Luna. Want to present a topic? Looking for a group of like-minded people to meet with and grow the UX community? Please find us at and our channel on YouTube.

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