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9-Ago-22 Meet the Top Startup Mentors in Guadalajara - Mexico City (Open Zoom Meeting)

Many people don't know there is an abundance of Guadalajara - Mexico City startup mentors and experts that are ready (and willing) to help founders launch and grow their business. On this upcoming open Zoom meeting, you can meet and build relationships with some of Guadalajara's startup mentors and advisors, including the Local Leaders of the Guadalajara - Mexico City Fall Virtual 2022 program. The majority of this event will be devoted to answering your questions and giving you feedback on your business, so come ready!

❯ Guest Speakers include:

  • Fabiola Borquez (Head of product, Crabi)

  • Andres Oliveros (Co-Founder, Astrolab)

  • Christian Rubio (Founder and Producer, La Gracia Films)

  • Jaime Martinez (Ceo & Cofounder, Miind Brands (Acquired by Merama))

❯ Who should Attend?

  • Anyone interested in building a startup in Guadalajara - Mexico City

  • Entrepreneurs with questions about starting and growing a technology business

  • Anyone interested in learning more about the Founder Institute Guadalajara - Mexico City Fall Virtual 2022 program

❯❯ This is a live, interactive online event, so be sure to RSVP at to receive the Zoom URL to join us live!

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