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8-Jun-23 Scaling Infrastructure for Growth, one of the most promising circular economy startups in Romania, has an ambitious mission: to change the way people buy and sell refurbished phones. As a leading player in the Romanian refurbished electronics market, has faced many challenges in scaling its infrastructure and teams to achieve growth. However, the company has managed to overcome tough terrain by implementing several key strategies and best practices. Florin Bombeanu, Chief Technology Officer, joins Cornel Fatulescu, Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, to discuss the complex process of building a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform capable of handling large volumes of traffic and transactions, enabling it to serve a growing customer base. Date: Thursday, June 8, 2023  | Zoom Time: 5 PM CEST / 4 PM BST / 11 AM EDT

Attendance is free but requires pre-registration:

If you can't join the webinar on June 8, don't worry! Register anyway, and you'll receive a recording of the video later in the day. That way, you get access to the valuable insights shared by the speaker. See you soon!

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