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7-Nov-22 Application Support Engineering Bootcamp

Hello Everyone! In this bootcamp our Support Engineering professionals will share their skill & experience about Application Support Engineering of large scale enterprise applications. They will also coach on basic Code/Java, Database/SQL, Unix/Shell Scripting concepts and how these are utilised to analyse problems during production operations.

Agenda: Day1: Introduction to Application Support Engineering Day2: Code analysis; Java Day3: Database analysis; SQL Day4: Operating environment analysis; Unix Day5: Conclusion Trainers:

  1. Saurabh Jain, Application Support Manager at Excellarate

  2. Pradeep Rakshe, Senior Production Support Engineer at Excellarate


  1. The bootcamp is meant for Fresh graduates who are entering the world of Enterprise Software and interested to understand the Support Engineering field.

  2. The bootcamp is free and open to anyone interested and located in Mexico.

  3. Registration is required to join as the link to attend will be sent by email.

  4. NOTE: The sessions will be conducted in English.

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