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31-Ago-23 import { react, func } from '/j4G.js';

Detalles Despues de muchos meses sin no hablar nada del chico popular en el software, este mes lo dedicaremos para explicar por que JS es cool y por que a los Java Devs les da miedo. Modern React and React based frameworks In a daily-evolving technologic world, is hard to keep up to date with all the latest tendencies and tools used in frontend web development, that’s why using Facebook’s React library becomes relevant to open many doors, as some of the most relevant companies use it (or at least React-based) for building modern UIs. Knowing it, learning it and adopting its latest approaches can turn to be a lifesaver when it comes to work life. Knowing React potentially implies knowing how to create frontend for web applications, mobile applications, smart tv applications and so on. Its popularity and relevance have even attracted the attention of UI frameworks that have adopted its well-known JSX syntax. I have devoted my last years of professional life to JavaScript, TypeScript, Web and mobile development. I have great talent to the widely-known React JS framework in both: web and mobile variants. I am the type of engineer that will not have peace until I have resolved my pending tasks, even if I have to read an entire library for such matter. I also have some experience with Microsoft's .NET, for which I spent some of my best university years doing research. My moto: if it is well documented, I can learn it. Josue Martinez - Senior Software Development Engineer @Brillio Functional programming with JS Retomando un poco con las series de functional progranmming con diferentes lenguajes, Sier dará un buena intro a functional programming con JS, ya en meetups pasados hemos tenido este mismo tema pero con Java, Kotlin y el workshop con scala que nuestro amigo Frank se aventó hace unas semanas. Sinuhé Jaime - Kotlin & Google lover @j4G Este mes por segunda ocasión colaboraremos con nuestros amigos de Brillio, ahora ya con oficinas en GDL, los invitamos a que las conozcan y saber un poco mas de ellos. Nos vemos con toda la actitud este: PROXIMO 31 DE AGOSTO!!!!! Como siempre, esto se va a poner bueno!

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