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3-Ene-2023 Book #31 - Category Theory for Programmers - Ch. 12 (part 2) - Limits & Colimits

At this meeting we'll be covering the second part of Chapter 12 - "Limits and Colimits", sections 12.1-12.4 Category Theory for Programmers - Scala edition - by Bartosz Milewski (2019) Scala code by typelevel.scala Code snippets are both in Haskell and Scala 2 Let's add snippets in Scala 3 ourselves as we go through the book Join us on Discord to discuss this book selection Discord ( - channel #category-theory *** This is a peer-to-peer reading group for learning and teaching each other programming languages, such as Rust, Go, and Scala, and software-related monetary technologies based upon Bitcoin. For our meetings, we read a chapter from a book we've selected and then present the sections of that chapter to each other, each participant taking responsibility for a section or two. We pause after each section to allow for discussion and questions. At the end of each meeting we decide when we're meeting next. The more you present, the more you learn. Given the short chapters in this book, we'll likely do several chapters each week. We adjust the speed as we go. The peer-to-peer learning technique that we use is modeled on the practices of the Stanford Bitcoin Club in early 2018. Here's the sign-up sheet for presenting a section of the reading - Here are the hundred or so books we are considering in the future for either regular, weekly meetups or ad-hoc meetups See the twenty or so books we've already covered on our old Reading List ( Los Gatos Reading Group meets regularly online via zoom. We also meet in person from time to time. These in-person meetings are optional but highly encouraged for those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area or the Rio Grande Valley

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