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29-Abril-22 Future Artx Ecosystems: an experience of Fine Arts, NTFs and Academic Research

Hosted physically and virtually in a gallery, an art fair and the metaverse, from 29th April to May 1, 2022, Avant.Dev presents Future Artx Ecosystems: an experience of Fine Arts, NTFs and Academic Research.

Sites:Clavo Movimiento: Querétaro 169, Roma Norte, Mexico City – Tersermundo: MetaverseAvant.Dev: Ensenada 107 B, Hipódromo Condesa, Mexico City The art world, as it is known today, can be understood as an enormous ecosystem. More accurately, as a series of ecosystems, incorporating artists, cultural institutions, funders, collectors and many others. Consequently, within a series of works curated by Avant.Dev with a focus in the future art ecosystems emerging today, we want to invite you to get dive in a new paradigm through the shapes and nuances required by a social democratic society persuading the state-of-the-art. Advanced technologies is living matter for the production of algorithmic identities, concepts within concepts and mercenary narratives. Such creations of Fine–Arts may also be connected to the external environment, liable to change in response to events outside the exhibition site. Meanwhile, these manifest themselves operating in an unclear context, even having a complex legal or regulatory status, such as with blockchain technology and decentralized organizations. This implies that a general instability of these technologies also can offer a moment of opportunity for a new paradigm that is synthesized within the Future Artx Ecosystems. *** Exhibition at Clavo: Future Artx Ecosystems (FAxE) Queretaro 169, Roma Norte, Mexico City 04.29 – 05.01, 2022 New artistic ecosystems are currently beginning to take shape with solutions of advanced technology that seamlessly satisfy the demands of projects across art, architecture, animation, coding, marketing, robotics and other disciplines. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a clear and focused overview of the metaverse, to discover the NFT Art Scene in Mexico under the audacity of blockchain technology.

*** Exhibition at Tersermundo www.tersermundo.com 29.04 – 01.05, 2022 The market for NFTs relies on community value, through authenticity, ownership, provenance and possession. Tersermundo stands out as a reference for an emerging collective of artists that has created a dialogue on the blockchain through visions of a landscape full of polygons in the metaverse. In a divergent and dissonant way, Tersermundo becomes a reference for the moment we are about to live: the development and use of the metaphysical value of a Non-fungible Token. In other words, as everything becomes more digital, there is a need to replicate the properties of physical items such as scarcity, uniqueness, provenance, and proof of ownership. ***

Exhibition at Avant.Dev: Artx and Advanced Technologies (AxAT) Ensenada 107 B, Hipódromo Condesa, CDMX 29.04 – 01.05, 2022 Opening Party: April 29, 7 PM | RSVP IG @avant.dev Exploring how the law can better support collaborations between art, science and technology, Avant.Dev presents an exhibition of Fine-Arts with Tweets, NFTs and Academic Research. Curated in a context of potential for divergence and dissonance, Artx and Advanced Technologies (AxAT) demonstrates the possibility of a successful artistic-industrial phenomenon advertising an alternative conceptual engagement with what art is and could be, one that diversifies and moves away from existing narratives in the dominant world of contemporary art.

Visit our Instagram @avant.dev for updates on Future Artx Ecosystems – Mexico City 2022 guest artists, activities and opening party.


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