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27-Feb-24 How to turn a video into one months worth of content using AI

This week we have Luke Wilcoxson, Creator of an awesome AI Newsletter and world class Motion Designer.

We will start the talk about 7 with time for networking before and after the presentation.

All in English./Solo en Inglés esta vez.

Description:This is NOT a talk about which AI tool to use to cut up your videos. You’ve heard the phrase shit in, shit out, well in the age of AI average in equals average out. With more and more content produced every day that's the quickest way to be ignored.

We’ll talk about how to you use AI to create exceptional content in your tone of voice.

I’ll show you how to create unique prompts that are highly focused on your audience's fears and aspirations. This will create content that resonates and stands out.

You will learn how to structure a prompt to get outstanding results, how to pull insightful information from long pieces of text, how to make it relevant to your audience, how to write killer hooks, how to write in your tone of voice and which AI tools I use for this process.

You’ll be inspired with new ways to use LLMs and leave with the knowledge of how to turn one piece of content into many more.

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