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25-Ene-23 Tango Talks: React Hooks from scratch

Welcome to our first Tango Talk of the year! Are you a React developer looking to learn more about the latest and greatest in the React world? The webinar “React Hooks from Scratch” is the best way to dive into this new React technology. It’s an opportunity to understand the basics, learn how to implement them in your projects, and get hands-on experience with the power of hooks. Dulce Lariz will provide a full tutorial on understanding and using React Hooks from scratch. You won’t want to miss out on this great learning opportunity! Join us now for an interactive session on React Hooks with Dulce Lariz. Register today! 📆🔥👩‍💻 #ReactHooksFromScratch #DulceLariz 🤩 Wait for the zoom link!

Speaker Dulce Lariz Is an experienced FullStack Developer with over 6 years of experience and one of our many talented developers at TANGO. During the last two years, she has focused mainly on Frontend and React, which allowed her to strengthen her knowledge of JavaScript and learn about React’s changes.

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