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25-Abr-23 AI LLMS for Operational Efficiency

During an inspiring and informative 1-hour online event, Senior Technology Consultant, Alex Hutanu will demystify AI technology and LLMs, showcasing the latest trends and advancements in the field, and how Pentalog embraces these innovations to drive growth and streamline operations. We'll demonstrate the power of AI APIs and tools that can be easily integrated into your projects, offering one example from Pentalog's own success stories - how we improved the assessment process using AI. Date: April 25, 2023 | 6 PM EEST – 5 PM CEST – 11 AM EDT | Zoom Attendance is free but requires pre-registration: Agenda details: 🤖 Demystifying AI and Large-Language Models 🤖 Exploring Cutting-Edge AI Trends and Technologies 🤖 Showcasing powerful AI APIs and Tools 🤖 Success Stories: AI Transformations at Pentalog - VETA 🤖 Q&A Session Don't miss this chance to gain insights into AI's potential to transform your organization, as we guide you through the possibilities and encourage you to take bold steps toward a more efficient future. Reserve your spot now and embark on an exciting journey to harness the power of AI and Large-Language Models for unparalleled operational efficiency!

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