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23-Ago-23 Culture of Innovation for Startups

Amazon is recognized worldwide as an innovation leader, and we often hear AWS customers asking, “How does Amazon innovate?” This session will introduce you to our peculiar culture and how Amazon innovates. It is centered around four foundational elements: Culture, Mechanisms, Architecture, and Organization. You'll learn about our Leadership Principles, Working Backwards, our development of a microservices architecture, two-pizza teams, and much more. You’ll gain a deep appreciation of how these elements influence Amazon’s innovation process, and take away inspiration and ideas for your own unique challenges and goals.


Mohammad Zaman A senior IT executive and a transformational thought leader. Expert in IT strategy with a proven track record of reducing cost and position IT to become a business enabler. Industry expertise comprised of multiple industry verticals (Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Legal, Education, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Communications, and High Tech). Acquire, manage, and retain industry leading talents in extremely competitive market with mentorship and guidance for career growth. Experienced in managing funnel, forecast, and revenue retention with innovative programs and go-to-market strategies. Participated, presented and trained at events and conferences; local and global.

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