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18-Ene-24 [Virtual] .NET@Noon - Terrific .NET Testing Tips & Tricks

SATNUG returns!This first meeting will be a lunch & learn to kick things off will be virtual over Zoom. I am looking into organizing an in-person event late January or early February.

OverviewWhether you're a newcomer to the testing landscape or looking to refine your testing practices, this presentation invites you to actively enhance your skills in the world of .NET testing.

The landscape of modern software testing is vast. While opinions about testing philosophy are many, figuring out how to execute the finer points in actual code can be overwhelming.

If you're using a new library or new to testing in general, you may not even know the terms to search for! Libraries often lack comprehensive documentation, and even if they do, reading in-depth docs usually makes for a bad learning experience. Developers often end up learning many aspects of how to test specific things through experience and working alongside other developers.

This presentation will attempt to bring to light some of the tips and tricks I've learned from my years of writing tests in .NET. You'll learn how to streamline your testing process, create more robust tests, and explore some valuable libraries for testin. This presentation will use xUnit, and while some of the topics will be xUnit-specific, they won't all be.

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