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16-Ene-24 Pitch Your Ideas to Mexico City Investors & Experts, Online

Do you have a startup, or a strong idea for a startup? On this live and interactive online event you can pitch your ideas to a panel of Mexico City startup investors and experts for ratings and feedback, and no formal pitch deck is needed. Even if you don't want to pitch, you are invited to hear startup ideas and watch how the experts analyze business ideas.

❯❯ To pre-submit your pitch, visit

❯ Guest Speakers include:

  • ANDRES OLIVEROS GONZALEZ (Co-Founder, Astrolab)

  • Fabiola Borquez (Head of Product, Crabi)

  • Stefan Scharnagl Villarroel (Founder, SEED)

  • Alejandro Arriaga (COO & Partner, Alacrity México)

  • Alejandro Gonzalez (Fund Manager, Redwood Ventures)

Additional Information:To prepare, start with your one-sentence pitch. See how it's done using our Madlibs format.

❯ What You'll Learn:

  • How to give a concise, yet compelling, elevator pitch

  • What investors are looking for in a startup pitch

  • If selected, specific advice and feedback on your pitch and startup ideas

❯❯ This is a live, interactive online event, so be sure to RSVP at to receive the Zoom URL to join us live!

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