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16-Dic-23 ESG Social #5: Vintage Gaming Special!

Dear Embedidos,

As 2023 slowly comes to an end and the festive season begins, ESG is hosting a vintage gaming social on the 16th of December (Saturday) from 10am to 3pm. We will meet once again at HackerGarage and have two interesting and engaging talks for you lined up.

HackerGarageCalle Marsella 155-Int 105 AColonia Americana, Lafayette44160 Guadalajara, Jalisco

The presentations will provide you with many intriguing insights of how gaming systems and consoles from the 1st to the 4th generation evolved, and where state-of-the-art technologies in vintage games emulation are heading to. Here is a summary of the programme:

• Talk by Jose (Pepe) Ruiz: "The Evolution of Gaming Systems & Hardware" (45 mins + 15 mins Q&A)

Abstract: Let's admit it: we all love video games. But fewer of us have a notion of just how much video game technology has evolved since the 1970 when the first commercial consoles were becoming available. Initially, digital components were so expensive that early games heavily relied on analog circuitry, and even early fully digital consoles had considerable restrictions and ramifications that made game development a novel and unique challenge in its own right. In this talk, I will walk down the memory lane and reminisce about some of the early game console technology.

• Talk by Frank Zeyda (organizer): "Donkey Kong three ways: from authentic hardware to software emulation, and back to hardware replication in FPGA" (45 mins + 15 mins Q&A)

Abstract: This talk will compare three technology realization of a well-known and beloved arcade game of the early 80s: Donkey Kong. We will first look at the original hardware and its design via vintage chips and components. Secondly, I will briefly discuss the MAME emulator and project, and how Donkey Kong is ported and supported by it. Lastly, we will take leap to the state-of-the-art in game emulation, looking at the MiSTer project and underlying hardware core of Donkey Kong that runs on a SoC FPGA - a dedicated hardware that can replicate the original circuitry of the PCB in a very precise manner. During the talk, I will also compare the underlying principles of software emulation vs hardware replication, and share some experience on building a MiSTer device for those that may be interested in doing so themselves.

The remainder of the social, we will have some fun playing vintage games. For this, I will bring a MiSTer emulation device and other ESG members are warmly invited to bring their favourite home systems or emulators too. If someone still has a vintage CRT TV in the attic and likes to showcase some original authentic hardware such as Atari 2600, NES, C64, CPC, Amiga, etc., that would be fantastic!!!

We are hoping (fingers crossed!) to stream and record talks once again on the HackerGarage YouTube channel:

Lastly, please join our WhatsApp channel via:

(This is where we communicate and discuss topics for future socials, collaboration on projects, etc.)

The social has a recommended voluntary charge of $100 pesos per member. This enables us to cover the rental of the venue and streaming costs, and support HackerGarage for their invaluable efforts in building communities.

Hope to see you there!Frank Zeyda

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