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16-Ago-23 Product Development Mexico City Meetup- Product Management, Research and Design

When product minds come together, amazing things happen. During this special fireside chat in the heart of Mexico City, we’ll bring together product professionals with different expertise – from research to design and product management – to discuss how their roles and experience at former companies like Meta, Dropbox, and Rappi influence the ways they think about product development.Our moderator Deborah Dana, Etsy Mexico MD and Product director will present and moderate great minds of product development: Bowen Slate-Greene (Senior Staff PM), Alex Bobadilla (Senior Product Designer), Becca Hare (Senior Manager, Product Research), and Lindsey Russell (Senior Manager, Product Research).

Meet the Speakers: Bowen Slate-Greene Bowen Slate-Greene -- I’m a Senior Staff PM at Etsy. I originally joined as a part of the Member Services team (my background is academic, not tech!). I snuck my way into product management shortly after, training on teams responsible for the core shopping experience. More recently I’ve had the privilege to work on multifaceted products that seek to align buyer, seller, and internal operations needs, such as the “Star Seller” program and new types of seller growth tools. LinkedIn

Becca Hare I lead the Buyer Experience research team at Etsy focused on supporting, building, and scaling teams of researchers who work to understand opportunities to make shopping on Etsy seamless and joyful across all aspects of the purchasing journey. Previous companies: Foursquare, Microsoft, Meta, Morgan Stanley, and a few start-ups along the way. LinkedIn

Alex Bobadilla Senior Product Design Manager at Etsy on the Fulfillment Services Team. I'm Alex, a hands-on product shaper with a passion for Design-Driven Growth, focused on building and crafting products and services that deliver valuable, scalable, and delightful experiences to keep users coming back for more. Previous companies: Rappi / Citibanamex

Lindsey Russell I lead the Search & Ads research team at Etsy where we work to support our buyers as they search and browse Etsy’s unique inventory, and empower our sellers to grow and scale their Etsy shop. I also lead our Research Operations team, focused on empowering our multidisciplinary researchers to scale their impact and work efficiently. Previous companies: Dropbox, InVision Linkedin

Deborah Dana Product Direct Managing Seller Product Development and Managing Director for Etsy Mexico. I´m Deborah a product development at heart built through entrepreneurship. I founded and, have supported many start-ups as a mentor and investor and had a guest judge role in Shark Tank Mexico. Previous Companies: Kiwilimon / CanastaRosa / Soldiers Field Angels Linkedin

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