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16-Ago-23 Global Webinar — Impress Investors with Your Pitch Deck: A Step by Step System

Learn the best growth tactics from leading experts With the fundraising winter upon us, don't let your pitch deck be an obstacle to your raise. Join us at this interactive webinar to seriously upgrade your pitch deck! In this session, Sam Eisenberg will share 6 steps to a winning pitch deck- a step-by-step system for crerating pitch decks that will help you build efficiently, effectively, and help your deck win investor attention. After the presentation there we will also have a Q&A and networking session where you can connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs. ❯ What You'll Learn:

  • What are the current fundraising trends

  • What do investors look for in a pitch deck

  • 6 easy steps to polish up your pitch deck

❯ Featured Speakers:

  • Sam Eisenberg - Co-Founder at Design For Decks: Sam Eisenberg is Co-Founder of Design For Decks, a boutique pitch deck design firm that has helped founders and investors raise well upwards of $2 billion to date. Sam has been invited to give pitch deck education sessions by LinkedIn and leading founders & tech communities across the US and Europe.

❯❯ This is a live, interactive online event, so be sure to RSVP at to receive the Zoom URL to join us live!

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