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14-Jun-23 Founder Showcase: Pre-Seed Startup Pitch & Networking Event (Online Conference)

The Founder Showcase, hosted by HubSpot for Startups, is Silicon Valley's leading international startup pitch event - helping pre-seed startups learn, launch, and connect to investors. At this interactive online event, you can watch the pitches of promising pre-seed startups from across the globe. We'll also feature an inspiring keynote presentation from a top global entrepreneur or investor. Stay after the pitches to network and connect with the hundreds of international founders, investors, advisors, and executives in attendance! ❯❯ This is an interactive, live online event. To access the event, RSVP at Who Should Attend?

  • Angel and early-stage investors looking to invest in startups

  • Alumni, mentors, and friends of the Founder Institute

  • Anyone interested in launching a technology company

  • Anyone interested in learning about the innovative companies coming out of Founder Institute and beyond

Founder Showcase is hosted by HubSpot for Startups HubSpot for Startups empowers startups to achieve unprecedented growth and accelerate scaling with a startup-friendly pricing plan of up to 90% off on essential tools needed to boost lead generation, supercharge sales, and streamline customer service. With the HubSpot Growth Platform, startups can leverage world-class software, cutting-edge educational resources, and powerful integrations to acquire and retain more customers than ever before. Learn more about HubSpot for Startups here. ❯❯ This is an interactive, live online event. To access the event, RSVP at

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