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14-Jun-22 MexCity Crypto 🇲🇽🪙🚀 Bi-Weekly Monday Meetup

Tuesday June 14th: “MexCity Crypto 🇲🇽🪙🚀" is having our weekly meetup with a speaker, discussions & hangout 🍻🗣

🍕+🥤Pizza & soft drinks will be provided for FREE

📍 “IVO Co-working Condesa” right off Amsterdam

🇲🇽 Event runs 7:30-10:00PM here's the breakdown 🤝7:30p // event starts, meet-and-greet 👋8:00p // round circle intros, get to quickly know everyone 🗣8:20p // Speaker TBD 🗣8:20p // group discussion 🗣🤑8:45-10:00p // hangout time

** 🇬🇧 event will be held in English **


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