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14-Abr-21 CDC patterns in Apache Kafka® (En español)

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Agenda (Mexico City time):

7:00pm-7:05pm: Online Networking

7:05pm-7:50pm: Mario Molina (En español)

7:50pm: Log in or Join our Forum (forum.confluent.io) to ask any follow up questions!


Speakers: Mario Molina

Talk: CDC patterns in Apache Kafka


CDC systems are usually used to identify changes in data sources, capture and replicate those changes to other systems. Companies are using CDC to sync data across systems, cloud migration or even applying stream processing, among others.

In this presentation we’ll see CDC patterns, how to use it in Apache Kafka, and do a live demo!


Mario Molina is a software engineer working on projects for building data products for the fintech.

He has been working in the IT sector mainly focused in designing and implementing architectures for data management since 2005.

His main interests are open source software, distributed systems, databases and all the latest research in these fronts with a passion for ‘all things data’.


Online Meetup Etiquette:

•Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation or use the zoomchat during!

•Please arrive on time as zoom meetings can become locked for many reasons (though if you get locked out a recording will be available, but you may have to wait a little while for it!)


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