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13-Jun-24 Journey to a City’s Brand Refresh

The City of San Antonio Communications and Engagement Department implemented a brand refresh for the city. We set new standard colors, fonts, and creative elements that we wanted to utilize across the organization.

To communicate with the entire organization and the city, we needed to create a centralized space with this information–a brand toolkit.

We researched the experiences of employees and outside organizations regarding their access to and use of the city's communication standards and branding assets. Find out how we used our research to make the City of San Antonio’s updated communication and branding standards easier and more accessible.

Join us for a lively discussion and Q&A all about presentations.

About the speakerRene Avila serves as a User Experience Designer for the City of San Antonio Communication and Engagement Department. He has had a previous career designing for advertising agencies, non-profits, and higher education. He was also a finalist for the 2021 Austin Design Week’s “Design-A-Thon.”

Originally a San Antonio native, he loves having the opportunity to contribute back to the community that has given him their immeasurable support.

What to expect:* Networking, meeting people, making friends and allies, finding a mentor.* We’ll meet on Zoom.* Meetup will send a reminder email with the link on the event day.* Also, you can find the Zoom event link on the event page and join.

AgendaProgram, Questions and Answers, Announcements, and Door Prize

By attending this event in person or online, you consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded. You grant Fiesta for the Mind, dba UX San Antonio, unlimited license to use and publish your appearance, voice, and name in recordings of this event and marketing materials for our organization.

You agree to abide by UX San Antonio’s code of conduct.

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