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12-OCt-23 Intro to the Object-Oriented UX and a Tour Through the ORCA Process

HYBRID EVENT Please register here for the ZOOM (remote) experience only. For the in-person meetup, please register at Eventbrite. A donation of $10.00 is suggested for this event.

What you'll learn: Discover how OOUX enhances user experience. Explore the ORCA Process to convert requirements into effective sketches. Understand key concepts like nested object matrices, object maps, and NavFlow. Learn to subdue complexity in web design

Presentation Description Have you ever wondered how to create digital products that seamlessly match users' mental models? In this interactive workshop, we'll explore how object-oriented user experience, or OOUX, organizes information and interactions, resulting in more intuitive and scalable interfaces. Discover how treating design elements like building blocks and establishing clear relationships between them can transform your web projects and ensure a consistent interface, menu navigation, controls, feedback, and instructions. Things that are the same appear the same. Things that are different appear different. Actions on an object are always available for the object. Objects are always properly linked. With OOUX, the following questions are answered before designing:

  • What are the OBJECTS in the users’ mental model?

  • What are the objects’ RELATIONSHIPS to each other?

  • What CALLS-TO-ACTION do objects offer the users?

  • What are the ATTRIBUTES that make up the objects?

Objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes lead to the acronym ORCA.

ORCA Process Explanation Sophia Prater developed the ORCA process into a powerful 15-step framework that guides you through iterative rounds of discovery, requirements, prioritization, and representation. By identifying objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes, you'll gain the insights needed to create web experiences that align with users' mental models.

Interactive Mini-Workshop In this hands-on session, we'll use sample requirements to work through the ORCA Process culminating with sketches of a list, a card, and a detail page. You’ll leave with a new set of tools to help you understand and simplify the complexity of your projects.

About the speakers Richard Gower has been involved in all aspects of software development for over 40 years. He is the VP of Computing, Data Science and Technology position at DeLoach Enterprise Science, a company focused on water resources and civil engineering and is an OOUX Certified Strategist, a Project Management Professional, and a Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster. Molly Lentz is Senior Web Designer at 4imprint in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and an OOUX Certified Strategist. She loves designing user interfaces and writing front end code as well as illustrating, gardening, and eating.

Agenda 6:30-8 p.m. CT — Program, announcements, networking, and door prize. By attending this event in person or online, you consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded. You grant Fiesta for the Mind, dba UX San Antonio, unlimited license to use and publish your appearance, voice, and name in recordings of this event and in marketing materials for our organization. You agree to abide by UX San Antonio’s code of conduct.

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