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10-May-23 Sales Strategies for Startups: Creating Effective Messaging

Learn the best growth tactics from leading experts Join us at our interactive event dedicated to sales-accelerating strategies. You will discover the latest tactics in creating personalized and compelling messaging from Daniel Wiener, an outbound marketing veteran, startup founder, and business advisor. The webinar will begin with a presentation about tools entrepreneurs can implement to improve their marketing messaging, and will continue with a Q&A session and virtual networking. ❯ What You'll Learn:

  • How to design strong and relevant messaging that drives sales

  • How to personalize sales emails

  • How to make use of data for analyzing and optimizing messaging

❯ Featured Speaker:

  • Daniel Wiener - Co-Founder and CEO at Daniel (FI San Francisco graduate) is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a company that empowers sellers by crafting hyper-personalized emails based on a variety of information sources, including LinkedIn, news events, hiring trends, and shared experiences. Before Autoband, he worked in sales for large tech corporations, including Oracle.

❯❯ This is an interactive, live online event. To access the event, RSVP at

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