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02-Oct-23 Mentor Mondays

WHAT TO EXPECT: If you are a UX practitioner at any level, get on Zoom. We'll be talking shop. Talking or listening, you are welcome. So, grab your favorite beverage and join us for this informal, no-agenda conversation. ABOUT THE MENTOR: Amy Silvers, Senior UX Researcher Until recently, Amy was a research lead at Capital One, working on consumer banking and credit card products. Her research career began at Nasdaq, where she switched from design to research partly out of necessity. She has held a variety of UX jobs over her 15-year career at companies including Audible, Hallmark, and Avon. Before getting into UX, she edited children’s books. Amy loves mentoring and sharing her experiences just as much as she enjoys doing research. She's excited to be mentoring with UXSA. In her spare time, she reads, knits, and bakes. A native of Brooklyn, she now lives in the New York City area with her husband, four rescue cats, and two rescue dogs. Want to present a topic? Looking for a group of like-minded people to meet with and grow the UX community?

Please find us at and our channel on YouTube.

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